Vital Performance

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Pharmaceutical Grade Multivitamin for Active People and Athlete's.

It is very important for your body to get the nutrients needed to function effectively and efficiently.

Stress and contamination, bad eating habits and processed foods, could deplete your body of nutrients and it is important for you to replace them.

In order to help yourself to achieve the right energy levels and balance, healthy nutrition and proper supplementation is recommended.

It is usually very difficult to get the proper amount of nutrients needed from food alone. It is advised to the healthiest people to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals since it is very difficult to know the total amounts of vitamins and minerals you are getting in your food and also they get degraded when we cook then.

“Taking a Multivitamin like Vital Performance it is very crucial”

VITAL PERFORMANCE is enhanced with “Pharmaceutical Grade” ingredients and with the right


• More Vitamin B Complex

• More Magnesium

• More Vitamin D3

• More Vitamin C

• More Zinc

• More Iron • More Calcium

Multivitamins are probably the single most important supplement you can take. If you aren't taking one, you really should consider doing so.

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  • Manufactured by: Premier-Pharmaceutical

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