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SARM SCIENCES S-23 25mg/ml x 30ml

SARM 23: Research results have shown a positive correlation between the intake of S-23, muscles mass growth, and fat loss. Apparently, the s23 SARM works by binding itself with androgen receptors and it’s non-steroidal.

S-23 molecule

S-23 is said to positively affect muscles and bones thanks to its tissue-selective anabolic effects, and it doesn’t come with the androgenic effects that other anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) come.

The scientific research and anecdotal evidence that has come forth about S-23 shows that it’s quite possibly the most potent SARM there is.

Here are just some of the reported benefits that come from using it.

Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass

S-23 has been shown to help build lean body mass, and those who’ve taken it have reported better gain retention after finishing their cycle.

Increases Strength and Stamina

S-23 users also report experiencing a significant increase in endurance, speed, and stamina whenever they’re cycling this SARM. This means harder, meaner and longer workouts that actually produce results.

S-23 gives you the opportunity to optimize high-intensity workouts thanks to innate fat-burning and lean muscle building properties.

The only downside of taking S-23 is that it can increase anger. According to one user, this could be due to the level of intensity with which one approaches workouts when taking S-23.

Helps with Fat Loss

Another benefit of taking S-23 is the fact that it helps with fat loss as well as fat oxidization.

In fact, a study that was done on rats showed that giving them S-23 reduced the rats’ body fat percentage while increasing bone mineral density and lean muscle mass. The study also shows that taking S-23 in high dosages increases its fat-burning properties significantly, which leads to a massive decrease in body fat. Shows Minimal Water Retention

Users report that S-23 doesn’t lead to any bloating or water retention, which means that they were able to maintain their gains even after they were done cycling S-23. As a result, many bodybuilders use S-23 during the cutting phase as they find it most beneficial during this stage.

Develops a Hard Muscle Aesthetic

If you want to build grainy-looking muscles, then you should definitely consider taking S-23 during the cutting phase. It’s worth noting that getting the type of hard muscle aesthetic that S-23 delivers is not something you can do with conventional steroids, which is why most bodybuilders prefer taking S-23 in preparation for competitions and events.


Here are some of the side-effects that you can expect to experience when taking S-23.

Testosterone Shutdown

According to users, S-23 is the closest thing to conventional steroids that you can get in the SARM market. This makes it unique and much more potent, with side-effects that are quite different from other SARMs. S-23 actually decreases testosterone levels to the point that some users report supplementing with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in order to fight the resulting deficiency.

The good news is that this side effect doesn’t last and will become completely reversed once you’ve completed your cycle on S-23.


There have been reports of increased anger while taking S-23, so it might not be the best option for those that have a history of anger issues. S-23 25mg/ml x 30ml

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