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IGF-1 Lr3 First Cycle Results add 20-30% Lean Muscle. Newbie FAQ IGF-1

How much muscle will I put on by using Insulin-like growth factor-1 Lr3 aka IGF-1 Lr3 ?

This is One of the most frequently asked questions by novice users is how much muscle they will put on by using IGF-1 Lr3.

The Short answer:

The results depend on many key factors. If done correctly one can put on between 20% to 35% of lean muscle during a 3 to 4 month long IGF-1 lr3 cycle. The results become noticeable after about 2 weeks of use if not sooner and again in optimal conditions.

The Longer answer:

The amount of muscle gained by using IGF-1 Lr3 depends on many factors including one’s daily workout regimen, genetics, diet, age, quality and quantity of sleep, lifestyle, previous usage of steroids or HGH, etc.

A rough estimate of an overall healthy first time IGF-1 lr3 user who is in decent shape, and who trains / works out 3-5 times per week, sleeps 6 -8 hours per night and eats high protein diet can expect to gain between 20% – 35% percent of muscle mass within 3-4 months. Or if I put it differently – at the dose of 30-50mcgs daily , insuline-like growth factor-1 lr3 will help an already active individual push past their previous muscle building limit by 20% to 40%.

Results from 1st time IGF-1 lr3 cycles are always the most dramatic, no subsequent cycle will match the success of the initial one though steady gains can be seen with each IGF-1 lr3 cycle thereafter.

(In your first cycle the body is surprised by the high levels of IGF-1). By the time it develops the ability to control such levels of IGF, the muscle ceiling has already expanded by 20% – 35%.

After the initial IGF-1 lr3 cycle and or steroid cycle the muscle growth “ceiling” is already extremely high.

IGF-1 Lr3 First time users

When the goal is building muscle and this is your 1st cycle using IGF-1 lr3 get ready for a serious ride. There is no better motivation as being able to not only surpass but explode through your previous muscle building limit. IGF-1 Lr3 will give you that!!!.

IGF-1 Lr3 Use Initiates New Muscle Fibers & Testosterone Receptors Therefore Enhancing Cycles of Any Hormone Combination

Igf1-lr3 As you all know is the long acting version of igf-1, Taking its active potential up towards 20 hours, But along with its ability to stimulate the growth of satalite muscle cells and helping them to mature into new muscle fibers it holds the ability to increase the uptake of many supplements we currently use, And it can cause the enhanced recovery of testicle size, and prevent muscle loss even in PCT. Plus another reason its so potent is because of the decreased binding of Long R3 IGF-1 to all known IGF binding proteins. These binding proteins normally inhibit the biological actions of IGF.. not so with this long acting version.

Heres a quote from one of the top research doctors in the world, Dr sweeny the chairman of bioethics in 2002. H. Lee Sweeney, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman of Physiology at the University of Pennsylvania and a recognized expert on the subject of the genetic enhancement of skeletal muscle, spoke to the World Anti-Doping Association with regard to the muscle building and regenerating properties of IGF-1.

“Rats that were given IGF-1 and did nothing were bigger and stronger than rats that weren’t given IGF-1 but exercised. And I’ll bet you guessed that rats that were given IGF-1 and exercised were the biggest, strongest rats in the house. The positive effects of IGF-1 on the rats continued for months after the rats stopped getting the supplemental hormone, whereas the exercising rats immediately lost size and strength as soon as they stopped exercising.

In another study the muscle fibers of 27-month old rats – old age for rats – that were given IGF-1 during middle age, exhibited no deterioration of muscle fibers that indicate the classic and inevitable signs of aging. These rats did not lose any fast twitch muscle fibers – the fibers responsible for power and speed – and had the same speed and power output that they had when they were six months of age. To quote Dr. Sweeney, “So we were able to conclude that IGF-1 could prevent all of the hallmarks of age-related atrophy and loss of skeletal muscle function in mammalian aging, at least based on the rodent model, and now we’re hoping to pursue this in larger animal models.â€

So how about IGF1-LR3, as those quotes were about plain igf?

According to Chemical Muscle Enhancement, a well-known underground PED guidebook written by Internet steroid guru L. Rea and available via download or through Amazon, IGF-1 has even been altered to increase its effectiveness, making IGF-1 ten times more potent (pages 134-136 of Chemical Muscle Enhancement). Several websites make reference to this altered form of IGF-1 – known as DES (1-3) IGF-1. This version of IGF-1, Insulin-like Growth Factor is also refereed to as Lr3IGF-1 (Note: Lr3IGF-1 is 2-3x more potent than regular IGF-1).

So increased potency, increased muscle retention… what else?

Well it increases the effectivness of an anabolic cycle, this is because of a very unique quality of igf-1-lr3, you see IGF-1 acts on several different tissues to enhance growth. IGF1 belongs in the ’superfamily’ of substances known as ‘growth factors,’ along with epidermal , transforming; platelet derived fibroblast, nerve, and ciliary neurotrophic growth factors. None of the other factors have any bearing on exoskeletal tissue incidentally however These agents all have in common the ability to stimulate cell division, known as mitogenesis, and cell differentiation. Meaning That In the case of IGF1 which does act on muscle tissue it will initiate the growth of new muscle fibers, and subsequently new receptors for testosterone. Many Users here on N2BM and on other forums have unanimously concluded that it enhances cycles of steroids significantly. They also seem to be adamant about its ability to reduce fat and improve vascularity a great deal.

Another suprising effect that remains largely unexplained is that it actualy Reverses testicular atrophy Testicles if shrunken will return to “full swing†as it were even in the middle of a steroid cycle. If not shrunken they will not shrink during the cycle. This may explain partially why gains are kept after the cycle.

So imagine using this and HCG on cycle, imagine the recovery in pct afterwards with full sized testicles!! IGF-1 can be enhanced still further with an insulin mimicker, And will cause even greater elevations in localised IGF-1 and the potential for more muscle growth and fat loss through its unique ability to drain fat cells and supply muscle cells with vital nutrients.

And theres more..

IGF-1 because of its action of forcing nutients into the muscle, it increases the uptake of amino acids, and every bit of it being force fed into the muscle by IGF-1, not only that but every supplement your subject takes on cycle will have added benefits and biovailability, Better Steroid Cycles, better PCT, And IGF-1 can be used on Cycle making the cycle much more effective or as a bridge between cycles, the choice is in your hands.

Stenabolic Sr9009 For Cuting or Bulking Cycles, Oral Versus Injectable. Stenabolic SR Good For Cardio Workout. Side Effects and Risks Associated With SR 9009 Stenabolic

Stenabolic Sr9009

Sarm Science Featuring Stenabolic SR9009

Oral or Injectable

SR9009 has an oral bioavailability which means that it is not injected, but swallowed. This is a huge benefit due to the number of times it must be taken every day.

How Often is SR9009 to be taken

The optimal dosage for SR9009 has been identified as around 30-40mg per day. The protocol for dosage depends on how much you’re taking and is linked to the very short half life (see below). Duration of Half life

While a short half life can be useful if you don’t want the drug to show in your system for a long time, the extremely brief half life of SR9009 means that it must be dosed several times a day.

When the SR9009 dose is in the region of 30mg per day, dosing 5mg every 2 hours (6 times per day) is recommended. For a 40mg dose, it’s possible to reduce the frequency, taking 10mg every 3-4 hours.

Stenabolic Sr for Cutting Cycles

SR9009 is often dubbed as “exercise in a bottle” so it’s perfect for any cutting cycle. If you’re trying to get shredded and lean, the improved endurance means that you’ll be able to train for longer even if your calorific intake is low. This, together with the natural fat loss properties of SR9009, means that it’s much easier to improve your body fat percentage. During a cutting cycle it can be tricky to hang on to mass. However, SR9009 naturally creates muscle (even without exercise) so even if you’re aren’t consuming as many calories and are focusing more on cardiovascular exercise, you won’t shed too much bulk.

Stenabolic Sr for Bulking Cycles

Although the drug is superb for cutting, SR9009 is also useful for bulking. Although SR9009 encourages lean muscle mass to accumulate, it also boosts the body’s endurance. Studies showed that mice could run 50% longer and faster, a huge increase in stamina. Being able to exercise for longer means that it’s possible to train harder and more intensively, which in turn also contributes to building better quality muscles and sheer mass.

Benefits Without the addition of SR9009, the body’s metabolism fluctuates, constantly peaking and dipping according to activity. SR9009 has the effect of making the body act like it’s exercising all of the time, by increasing the basal metabolic rate. Even in periods of no activity at all, the metabolic rate is raised by 5%.

All excess calories are burned up and not stored as fat, and glucose is metabolized more effectively. And unlike certain other compounds, SR9009 doesn’t act as an appetite suppressant. All of these actions reduce the amount of fat and stop more from accumulating.

But not only does SR9009 prevent fat from being stored in the body, it even creates improved musculature, just like following exercise. Endurance increases too, allowing longer and harder training, which also contributes to better muscle mass and lower fat levels.

Risk from Sr9009 At the moment, no real side effects are being noticed with SR9009 but this could just be because the drug is very new and still being researched. However, the early signs are certainly promising and it has the potential to be a compound which is very safe. What can be said is that it doesn’t respond to the aromatase enzyme so there won’t be any of the hormonal side effects such as gyno, male pattern baldness or bloating. Most SARMs are tolerated extremely well so it’s entirely plausible that the SR9009 side effects are scant. Contraindications At present, no real contraindications have been identified but it is known that SR9009 has an effect on the clotting time. It should therefore only be used following advice from a physician in anyone who has a history of clotting or bleeding disorders. Because the longer term effects are not yet fully known, caution is advised for anyone with a history of heart problems, psychiatric disorders, cerebrovascular disease or prostate complaints. SR9009 has not yet been demonstrated as safe for use in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Females taking Stenabolic SR9009 does not virilize so there aren’t the same problems that are present with many anabolic steroids. But although there are no current indications that SR9009 is not safe for women, a lot more research still needs to be carried out into the possible side effects. Caution is therefore recommended. Does a Post Cycle Therpay Protocol Need To be Taken SR9009 will not affect hormone production so following a cycle you won’t need PCT. The exception to this is if you run a SR9009 stack with other drugs such as anabolic steroids. SR9009 is a synthetic Rev-Erb ligand. It helps stimulate the Rev-Erb protein, thereby stimulating various mechanisms of the human body. As such, it is a drug that is highly sought after, especially by athletes. The main effect of this drug in the body is enhancing the metabolism of the body and increasing the mitochondria count in the muscles. When this happens, there is a marked improvement in the extent to which the body can endure. This aspect was portrayed when the drug was administered to mice during a lab test. Observation of the mice showed that their ability to run became enhanced by more than 50%. When the mitochondria are multiplied in the body, energy is boosted. In fact, the drug has the capability to remove defective mitochondria in the body and replace them with new ones. SR9009 also helps to burn excess calories in the body, keeping them from being converted into fat. This is because it increases the rate at which energy is spent by more than 5% of the normal rate. This happens even when the user is resting. An increase in the use of energy ensures that more fat and glucose gets burnt in the muscles. It also lowers the amount of cholesterol that the liver can develop. In fact, studies have shown that the drug can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body by about 47%, plasma glucose by 19%, plasma insulin by 35%, among other benefits. Stenabolic Sr Usage: Athletic Use – With a drug that has as many benefits as Stenabolic, its applications are many. The drug has become especially popular with athletes. As per the features stated above, one can use it to make work-outs more efficient and to improve the endurance of the body. That means that one can exercise longer without feeling worn-out. One should however be careful in using this drug since it is banned by the World Anti-doping Agency. This means that it cannot be used in competitive athletics. Medical Use – Stenabolic can be of great benefit to people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. This is because it helps decrease plasma glucose and triglycerides. It can also benefit older people who are suffering from loss of strength and muscles. This drug can also be beneficial for people who wish to lose weight but they cannot exercise. It can also be used to treat all cholesterol related ailments. In Closing: While steroids have the anabolic effects of building muscles, their side-effects can be quite severe. However, Stenabolic bears almost no side-effect. This drug is non-hormonal, meaning that it does not create any androgenic or estrogenic issues. In addition, it does not suppress HPTA functions. One can also use this drug without any need to take liver or heart supporting supplements since it’s not hepatotoxic.