2017 Proved quite beneficial for the SARM a.k.a. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators Industry, especially considering how many thought it would be yet another FAD to come and go in a flash. In All honesty, I was one of those people who didnt pay very much mind to SARMs even after our members, readers and customers were all either asking about them or talking about their using them. I would say 2015 is when I began to really take notice of the various types of SARM and what they each can and can’t do. And mid way through 2016 after countless members and customers were asking when the Store was going to start carrying them.

Finally I was approached and asked to carry a new SARM brand owned by a long time friend with whom I knew had his ear to the ground so to speak and was an IFBB pro bodybuilder himself but more importantly I trusted and respected his word and honest reviews on SARM as well the opinion and reviews given from the circle of friends he kept, many of which well known names in the industry. And it was the honest review by one of those individuals that prompted me to carry SARM!

So over the last year and half, I have acquainted myself with the SARM industry! I have read almost every study and medical publication out there, at least on the 3 SARM we Currently carry in our store, Andarine, Ostarine and Ligandrol. I have read countless reviews and of course have cycled with each and every SARM we carry.

I guess I would consider myself a SARM SAVANT if you will, which is the perfect segue for the rest of this article and my sharing as much as I know with those of you who have never heard of SARM,as well those of you with SARM experience.

SARM Simple to SARM Savant

SARMs versus Traditional Anabolic Androgenic Steroids versus Prohormone

Lets start with Prohormones, which will not take long, lol. Prohormones most usually OTC pro hormones before they were banned were all "Middle Men” So to speak! After ingestion and sometimes injection for the few slick ones that reached the Holy Grail Of Shelving, "GNC Front Center Shelving Rack”, well pro hormones weren’t worth shit in terms of higher protein synthesis muscle building effects. However they sure were right up there with traditional steroids when it came to the side effects, and in many cases even worse!

So while Prohormones were likely the first PED supplement many had taken, as well many anabolic users tried switching over to albeit briefly, Its no wonder SARMs did NOT take off or grow in popularity like they should have and likely would have, if not for the Snake Oil filled bottles of this Prohormone and that Pro-hormone that had left a bad taste in the mouths of bodybuilders years prior! When I say “taste” I mean “psyche” although sure some of them really did taste like pure dog shit, lol.

So when SARMs hit the market, many bodybuilders and fitness minded folks like myself, scoffed at the reports and reviews being put out as we had heard it all before! As I said above, it took me a good while to come around and finally embrace SARMs. So I began to read pub med studies and a couple other medical journals online and Here is the basic run down if I had to sum it all up, SARMs clinical trials were all successful by anyones standards, and the positive side effects outweighed the negative hands down! Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators were indeed much safer hence or do to the “Selective” part of the acronym. Whereas Traditional Steroids weren’t so selective lol, blowing your prostate up like a balloon , strangles hair follicle after hair follicle like a DHT serial killer until the top of your head is nothing but a grave yard of skin, Acne out the ass, and turning your balls into bb’s! So SARMs are safer, with less side effects and build muscle. Great!

Will you ever find an IFBB professional bodybuilder who has never taken steroids, and reached the pro ranks with only taking SARMs,? NO!! Thats ridiculous! And I myself, in my heyday as they say, and knowing what I know now, would still have taken traditional steroids and especially exogenous testosterone, however I believe im in the minority here, and SARMs certainly have their place with most people who aren’t willing to inject steroids and chance not only the unwanted side effects, but also chance breaking the bullshit Steroid laws in this country, but thats a whole other topic.

If your looking to add a little slow quality lean muscle, then SARMs are for YOU!

If your looking to lose a few extra pounds of adipose, through low calorie strict dieting and hard cardio yet dont want to lose the muscle you worked so hard to get, then the muscle sparing SARMs are for YOU!

If your aging, and natural testosterone production is dwindling alongside your bone density, then SARMs are for YOU!

If your looking to stand in front of hundreds of people in your wife g-string all oiled up like a porn stars cock, then SARMs are NOT for YOU!

If you want your earlobes sitting on your traps, SARMs are Not for you!

The question I hate the most is:

Can I stack a SARM with a Steroid? In Short, Yes Of course you can, You can stack a tic tac with a Steroid! The question is what SARM is best suited to replace my oral steroid “Anavar” or “Winstrol” etc….

And No SARM can replace an oral like Dianabol or anadrol! So no need asking!

In terms of best suited replacements, well it depends upon what other compounds were in the cycle, and the end goal of course!